The focus of activity of the Unlimited Computer Systems GmbH i.L. is the development of customized software in the
technical-scientific field.

Often the underlying problems require the use of specialized (mostly real-time) "embedded systems", which are connected for the operation and configuration with non-real-time standart systems. The spectrum of "embedded systems" ranges from simple microcontrollers to a composite of hundreds of high-performance computers, which are specially designed and manufactured for your purpose by Unlimited Computer Systems GmbH i.L. .

If required, for the design of the systems modern software development methods are used, such as a requirements analysis in SysML® or a system specification in UML®. The implementation of the software on the control side usually happens in C/C++ and on the user side the programming in Java with relevant tools as NetBeans® or Eclipse® has been proved to be successful.

Unlimited Computer Systems has a wealth of experience with almost all commercially available real-time operating systems such as Integrity®, VxWorks® or pSOS®, which is partially developed by UCS. In recent times, Linux real-time variants are increasingly used. Since some of the employees are among the pioneers of Unix based programming in europe, for the developments of standard systems preferably Linux and Solaris is used.

According to the networked nature of the destination systems, special attention is paid to the development of appropriate communication mechanisms between the subsystems. Here a wide range is covered:
  • For highspeed: Communication over „reflektive memories“ (i.e. by BIT3®, VMIC® or Dolphin®), where high bandwidth is achieved with minimal latency, since no protocol overhead is created.

  • For distributed applications: MPI/Open-MPI also based on Infiniband® and Ethernet.

  • For connection of fast IO: HotLink I/II®, SerialLite®, RapidIO® and PCI-Express.

  • For non-realtime communication: CORBA®, for flexible publish/subscribe relationships NDDS/DDS and also TIPC, recently increasingly www-techniques.

  • For special Interfaces: SpaceWire® and additional interfaces of the telecommand/telemetry-satellite-communication; BlueTooth, especially in car applications.
The expertise in graphical user interfaces, that the Unlimited Computer Systems GmbH could early acquire, still bears fruit. Still X11® based graphics systems are important, especially in the embedded area complemented by QT-based solutions. Of course the techniques distributed by the World Wide Web are considered.

The Unlimited Computer Systems GmbH i.L. will always try to be a competent partner for its customers of industry and science, in all areas of demanding software development.

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