UCS hat unter anderem an folgenden Publikationen als Co-Author mitgewirkt:
  • Management of complex data flows in the ASDEX Upgrade plasma control system (2012) [Link]

  • Integrated operation of diagnostics and control (2011) [Link]

  • Real-time feedback control of the plasma density profile on ASDEX Upgrade (2011) [Link]

  • Data acquisition and real time signal processing of plasma diagnostics
    on ASDEX Upgrade using LabVIEW RT (2010)

  • Real-time signal communication between diagnostic and control in ASDEX Upgrade (2010) [Link]

  • Real-time standard diagnostic for ASDEX Upgrade (2010) [Link]

  • Real-time diagnostic integration with the ASDEX Upgrade control system (2009) [Link]

  • Real-time diagnostics at ASDEX Upgrade - Architecture and operation (2008) [Link]

  • Commissioning and Initial Operation Experience with ASDEX Upgrade's new Control and Data Acquisition (2006) [Link]

  • The ASDEX Upgrade UTDC and DIO cards - A family of PCI/cPCI devices
    for real-time DAQ under Solaris (2006)

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